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About Us


Welcome to – Where Tradition Meets the Digital Age!

Established on November 23, 2021, is not just a brand; it's a celebration of Telangana's rich folk culture and tradition. We are more than just a digital platform; we are a movement, a community, and a testament to the timeless beauty of our heritage.

Our Mission: Preserving and Promoting Telangana Folk Culture & Tradition

At, our mission is simple yet profound – to bring the heart and soul of Telangana's folk culture to the forefront of the digital world. We are passionate about preserving the unique traditions that define our identity, and we're on a relentless journey to ensure that these vibrant aspects of our culture remain alive for generations to come.

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Services That Speak Tradition:

Supports Folk Tradition

We are committed to supporting and uplifting the various folk traditions that make Telangana culturally rich. From age-old dance forms to traditional music, is a dedicated space for the preservation and promotion of our artistic heritage.


Leveraging the power of the digital era, we employ strategic digital promotions to reach a wider audience. Through social media campaigns, online events, and targeted outreach, we ensure that Telangana's folk culture is not confined to geographical boundaries.

CMS Network

Our Content Management System (CMS) network ensures that the essence of Telangana's folk culture is seamlessly delivered to a global audience. We take pride in curating and presenting content that reflects the authenticity and beauty of our traditions.

Influencer Management

Our team works closely with influencers who share our passion for preserving traditions. Through effective influencer management, we amplify the impact of our cultural initiatives, reaching new audiences and sparking conversations about the beauty of Telangana's heritage.

In Association with 220+ YT Channels collaborates with over 220 YouTube channels, creating a united front to amplify the voices and stories that showcase the heart of Telangana. Together, we form a digital ecosystem committed to the celebration of our cultural diversity.

Distribution is not just a platform, it's a distribution network for cultural gems. We facilitate the widespread dissemination of content that encapsulates the essence of Telangana's folk culture, ensuring it reaches every corner of the digital world.

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